Monday, 13 August 2012

London 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony

After an epic two weeks the London 2012 Olympics finally came to a close with an outstanding display of pomp and celebration. You can definitely be one of the 80,000 at the stadium. You should have definitely enjoyed the show. You can even be comfortable to sit on the sofa at home to watch something spectacular about to happen. There is a slight tinge of sadness to say goodbye to the best sporting event this country has ever seen.

The warm up performance continued with madness. More tears came following the highly energetic Brazilian performance when Lord Coe thanked London, its volunteers and athletes for making the games a success. ‘We lit up the world’ and ‘When our time came, Britain we did it right’ were a couple that caused an emotional response, understatement!

As the flame was quietly extinguished and a hush fell over London, I can honestly say that the last two weeks have been filled with joy, anticipation, anxiety, hope, drama and lots of smiles and that’s just me! The people of Great Britain have truly made these games. The spectators, volunteer, athletes and press have all done an incredible job.

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