Monday, 25 June 2012

New Corporation That Makes Take Over The Bid for Australia’s Consolidated Media

Rupert Murdoch’s international media have announced on Wednesday that it take over the bid for the Australian jems packers that offers the cost of 1.97 billion dollars. In the news it was said that “If the proposal is implemented, News would have been double its stakes in the Australia leading pay television business, Fox sports Australia and Foxtol, to 100 percent and 50 percent respectively”. 

In the news it is also said that conditional proposal to accuquire consolidated media at a price of 3.50 AU dollars a share. James Packer said that “CPH welcomes News proposal and looks forward to CMH and news Working together to address the detailed terms and conditions. James packer is the executive chairman of the CMH largest share holder consolidated press holding limited”. 

Keywords: Take over the bid for the Australian jems packers, News cooperation, CMH largest share holder, Australia leading pay television.

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