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Twenty20 World Cup 2012 Schedule

Cricket took new avatar in the form of short version and it has been named as T20 cricket. The T20 World cup is going too held on September 18th of 2012 in Sri Lanka and the expectations are high all around the world. The T20 World Cup agenda has been finalized by the ICC that hosts twenty seven matches in the period of September-October this year.

There have been lots and lots of debate about the Twenty20 World Cup schedule where team managements are in continuous discussion with the ICC to guarantee a fair T20 schedule in order to pass up fatigue. The Future Cricket Tour Programs (FTP) is an excellent operational panel and the instructor of the World T20 fixtures for the World Cup this year 2012.

The nations that participating in T20 World cup are  Sri Lanka (the host), Zimbabwe, Australia, Ireland, Afghanistan, India, South Africa, New Zealand, Bangladesh, West Indies, Pakistan and England. Despite the T20 fever of IPL donning the cricket World at near, the T20 World Cup is expected to throw a lot of surprises off the shore. Schedule for Twenty20 world cup is given below.

DATE              IST      GMT       MATCH DETAILS                     VENUE

18-Sep 19:30 14:00   1st T20      Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe                     Hambantota
19-Sep 15:30   10:00 2nd T20     Australia vs Ireland                          Colombo
19-Sep 19:30 14:00 3rd T20     India vs Afghanistan                         Colombo
20-Sep 19:30 14:00 4th T20    South Africa vs Zimbabwe                 Hambantota
21-Sep 15:30 10:00 5th T20    New Zealand vs Bangladesh Kandy
21-Sep 19:30 14:00 6th T20    England vs Afghanistan                     Colombo
22-Sep 15:30   10:00 7th T20    Sri Lanka vs                                    South Africa Hambantota
22-Sep 19:30 14:00    8th T20    Australia vs West Indies                  Colombo
23-Sep 15:30 10:00 9th T20    New Zealand vs Pakistan                Kandy
23-Sep 19:30   14:00 10th T20     England vs India                           Colombo
24-Sep 19:30 14:00 11th T20      West Indies vs Ireland                  Colombo
25-Sep 19:30 14:00 12th T20      Bangladesh vs Pakistan                 Kandy
27-Sep 15:30 10:00  13th T20      TBC vs TBC                              Kandy
27-Sep 19:30 14:00 14th T20      TBC vs TBC                              Kandy
28-Sep 15:30 10:00 15th T20      TBC vs TBC                              Colombo
28-Sep 19:30   14:00 16th T20      TBC vs TBC                              Colombo
29-Sep 15:30 10:00  17th T20      TBC vs TBC                              Kandy
29-Sep 19:30 14:00 18th T20      TBC vs TBC                              Kandy
30-Sep 15:30 10:00 19th T20      TBC vs TBC                              Colombo
30-Sep 19:30 14:00 20th T20      TBC vs TBC                              Colombo
1-Oct 15:30    10:00 21st T20      TBC vs TBC                             Kandy
1-Oct 19:30 14:00  22nd T20     TBC vs TBC                             Kandy
2-Oct 15:30 10:00 23rd T20     TBC vs TBC                             Colombo
2-Oct 19:30    14:00  24th T20      TBC vs TBC                            Colombo
4-Oct   19:00    13:30 1st Semi       Final T20 TBC vs TBC              Colombo
5-Oct   19:00 13:30  2nd Semi      Final T20 TBC vs TBC              Colombo
7-Oct 19:00 13:30 Final T20     TBC vs TBC                            Colombo  

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