Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Olympic Rings On Hockey Squad’s Mind

They may not be amongst the majority stylish at the London Games yet the Indian hockey team’s love for tattoos is not unknown. Nearly each one in the sixteen member team squad sports are ranking in the hockey related vocabulary to world famed sayings to their partner’s names and even faces. 

The forthcoming and waiting date on July 27th the hockey team players are keen ready to take effort one step forward as most of them are 'keen on getting the Olympic rings inked'.

The process commenced from the star drag flicker Sandeep Singh obtaining the Olympic rings to express the five continents including in the Olympic Games on his forearm subsequent to the 2004 Athens Olympics. From the year 2008, Indian team players exists the same yet the current lot is 'determined' to keep their passion going.

Striker S.V. Sunil, who before currently has three tattoos, plans to acquire the rings as rapidly as he reaches London. “More than just a tattoo, it is a symbol of pride that an athlete associates with being an Olympian. It is a very personal thing, and for me it will be a reminder of the country’s pride and expectations that we carry along with us,” says the 24-year old; who has his initials SV inked on his neck, a saying, what you do is what you obtain, on his shoulder and his family forename on his arm.

Fellow strikers Shivendra Singh, Tushar Khandker and midfielder Manpreet Singh too have decided to follow suit, while goalkeeper P.R. Sreejesh is “undecided on which part of the body to get inked this time”.  

Sandeep said “I got the tattoo done immediately after the Athens Games. Becoming an Olympian at the age of 17 was quite an achievement for me, and a constant reminder that a lot was to be achieved. We haven’t given a good result at the Games for long, and every time I look at it I feel there is a lot to do. “I have not decided if I wish to add something to it yet, but may be if we get results in London, I will think about it.”

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