Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sachin: None Able To Substitute Dravid

The best Indian cricket player and Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar told his feeling towards regarding the retirement of his co player, for the long period, Rahul Dravid has supposed to announce that “irreplaceable void at number three position in International Indian Cricket team.” Sachin coveys his regards that he has been missing Rahul Dravid every time especially in dressing room.  

In one television interview, Sachin Tendulkar said “Rahul has been an incredible player for India and for world cricket. Nobody is going to be able to replace Rahul in that position.” He also added “You need someone to be dedicated, be committed and disciplined. The entire country will miss him because we were all used to Rahul padding up batting at number 3. However, these things will continue to happen because that’s how the game goes around for years. All great players retire one day.”

Rahul Dravid has retired from all types of cricket matches in the month of March and ended his sixteen years of career in Cricket. Dravid has come to this decision when India invoked in the bad situation in England and Australia where India misses to win eight test matches continuously.  

Sachin was part of the two tours and he supposed to say that it would be incorrect to blame India’s domestic structure for the team’s poor show. He said “I don’t think we can point our fingers at our structure because with that same structure we hit the number one spot. So if there was something wrong with the structure, we would have never reached that spot.”

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